Actress-turned-singer Fazura has received platinum award from Universal Music Malaysia for her 2017’s self-titled debut album “Fazura“.

The album which consists of 7 songs and 2 bonus tracks, has a sales value of more than 200 thousand combining streaming and units sold globally.

“When the album was certified gold, I already couldn’t believe it. That itself was a already a huge achievement especially for a newcomer like me. So when I got platinum for this album, it’s even more unbelievable,” Fazura said when met recently.

“Alhamdullilah, I am very grateful. This is a very meaningful New Year gift to me,” the 35-year-old commented, adding that she wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for God’s will and the support of her loyal fans known as the Fazbulous Warriors.

When Fazura was asked if the achievement would serve as a retaliation against her haters who criticised her singing capabilities, she said, “Not from me. I always forgive. I couldn’t stay angry at them because everything is by God’s will. This achievement is a gift from Allah.”

“I will always choose to forgive because I want live in peace and I don’t want to blame others. I’m just grateful with what God has given to me,” she added.

“Here’s to the girl who can’t sing!” she joked when receiving the certificate from Mr Kenny Ong, the Managing Director, Malaysia, Singapore and Indochina.

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