School has just started so it’s only normal for parents to buy their kids some new stationary for them to use at school. But what’s not normal is when the stationary costs more than an average salary of a fresh graduate!

Then again, if the parent is cosmetic millionaire Dato Seri Vida, then it is not really that surprising. After all, she did gift her daughter a Mercedes-Benz for her 13th birthday last year – and the car costs half a million ringgit!

For Cik B’s first week of school, Dato Vida has decided to give her daughter a new notebook, but not just any notebook – a Louis Vuitton notebook worth RM3k! (yep, you read that right)

A lot of people are envious of Cik B for getting such an expensive gift from her loving mother. Though some netizens react negatively by saying that DSV was trying to show off her wealth.

One netizen commented, “It’s not like you can bring the book to the grave”, and DSV responded, “Yes, because she’s only bringing it to school.” (well played!)


According to DSV, she planned to surprise her daughter by secretly visiting her school and give her the notebook. But Cik B already knew of her mother’s plan after seeing the video on her mother’s Instagram. (guess DSV has forgotten that her daughter is one her followers)

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