Dato Seri Vida’s daughter sure is lucky! She’s only 13 and she already has her own car – and not just any car, a fancy Mercedes-Benz! (The fanciest gift we get when we’re 13 is probably just a phone (maybe a secondhand one) – and it was the Nokia 3310)

Nur Edlynn Zamilleen or better known as Cik B has celebrated her 13th birthday back in May, so Mama Vida has decided to gift her something every 13-year-old would have never dreamed of – a brand new Mercedes-Benz CLK which costs half a million ringgit!

The cosmetic billionaire shared several videos of her daughter driving the fancy mobile on her Instagram. According to DSV, her daughter initially requested for a Ford Mustang but she decided to give her a Benz instead.

But as expected, her action has gotten all sorts of unhealthy reactions from social media users who felt that DSV is pampering her daughter too much, and some even stated that her daughter is not at a legal driving age and is too young to own a car.

Talking to Kosmo, Vida clarified that she only allow her daughter to drive within the vicinity of her house and not further than that. “She hasn’t gotten her driving license yet, but it’s fine since she’s not driving beyond the bungalow gate.”

“Also, I don’t see anything wrong with this since I am her mother and I can afford buying her the car,” she responded to the complaints given by netizens.

Furthermore, DSV added that she will keep on buying Cik B a new car every year for her birthday. Last year, Cik B received a Mini Cooper Countryman. (Now that is one doting parent!)


Source: Kosmo

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