One of China’s top actresses Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴), better known as Dilireba, has surprised many of her fans when one of the videos she posted on social media shows a figure of a man lying on her bed.

The now-deleted video which was shared on the actress’ TikTok’s account and then on Weibo, shows the actress giving fans her “2019 look”, but what caught the fans attention was a figure of a mysterious man lying on her bed in the background.


This has led fans to believe that the man may be Dilireba’s secret boyfriend, though others hope that the man is simply a tired crew member who appeared on the actress’ video by accident.

Dilireba has yet to address the rumour and since the video has been deleted on both platforms, we’re wondering if the rumour is true after all.

Source: 88razzi.

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