On New Year’s Eve, Malaysian singer Fish Leong (梁靜茹) was invited to perform on Hunan TV’s New Year’s concert.

The 40-year-old award-winning singer performed 3 songs during the event but her performance was hugely criticised for singing off key and going out of tempo. The hashtag #FishLeongGoneOutOfTempo also trended on Weibo.

Yesterday, Leong has finally decided to address the incident on her Instagram and explained what actually went wrong that day.


According to the singer, 30 seconds before she went on stage, she realised that something’s wrong with her headphone receiver as she was unable to pick up any sound.


As the team urgently trying to get a replacement of her headphone receiver, Leong had to guess the entire 8-minute reverb tempo.

She said that every step she made was nerve-wrecking. “If you were at my place during that time, you will understand how difficult it is,” she said.

Netizens also complained that she started singing before the song even started, but Leong explained that she was just humming before the song starts, and this is something she always does before singing a song.

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“Humming during the intro helps with my live singing as I am able to do a mic check to ensure that the sound is properly deliver to my headphones,” she wrote.

Leong admits that her performance that night was not as good as her rehearsal, but it’s not that bad either. “I promise to improve,” she added.

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