Chinese-American superstar Wang Leehom (王力宏) has announced that he will be coming to Malaysia next year, on 16th March 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, as part of his “Descendants of the Dragon 2060” (龙的传人 2060) world tour.

The announcement was made yesterday when the 42-year-old made a special video to wish his Malaysian fans AKA the Homaniacs a Happy 19th Birthday!


In the video, Leehom slips in 2 Malay phrases including “Terima Kasih” and “Saya Cinta Padamu”, and said that he can’t wait to see his fans in person during his upcoming concert in Malaysia.

Leehom’s last concert in Malaysia was 5 years ago back in 2014, but the Mandapop singer also visited the country 2 years ago to shoot a series of commercials for Nescafe Gold.

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最近音樂圈的變化實在很大。上個月,有一天我出去散步。因為期待著隔天出發去南京,所以在河邊坐了一會兒,寫了短短的曲子《南京, 南京》,放上了抖音 19秒的視頻. 沒想到這個視頻快速的跑到了排行榜首位, 導致數位音樂平台開始打電話到公司詢問什麼時候上架?我傻眼了…這只是19秒的草稿,沒有完整版!幾天後,南京演唱會上唱了這首歌發現大家都會唱副歌…也太及時了吧?! 回台北後又把歌曲寫完,邀請了一位饒舌歌手小磊用南京話客串。這首歌現在,才完成了,今天正式上線了。音樂所謂的 “發行” 已進入了非常奇妙的新時代!

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Details of the Malaysian leg are still scarce, stay tuned on this space for more updates.

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