Until now, the father of Cecilia Cheung’s (张柏芝) 3rd child remains to be unknown, but now a new rumour has surfaced claiming that the baby’s father is actually none other than Cheung’s former husband Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋).

According to various reports by Hong Kong media, it is revealed that Tse, who is the father of Cheung’s 1st and 2nd sons, Lucas and Quintus, is also the father of her 3rd son.

Source: Weibo

Sinchew Daily reported that Tse’s mother Deborah Lee (狄波拉) has  revealed that the former couple’s eldest son Lucas was the reason why the two got back together.


According to Lee, Lucas will often said things like “I like it when mommy and daddy eat together,” and he often asked his father to stay overnight, and this allow the former lovers to reconsider getting back together.

Source: Sohu

Rumours also said that Tse has long broken up with his  girlfriend Faye Wong (王菲), adding that Tse and Cheung plan to get remarried in January next year.

It is also reported that Tse recently turned up at the full moon party of Cheung’s 3rd son and he even kissed Cheung in front of the family members and friends.

Source: MyBB

However, both Tse and Cheung’s work studios have shot down the rumours, claiming it to be fake.

Tse and Cheung were divorced in 2012 after 6 years of marriage. The couple has 2 sons together. Cheung gave birth to her 3rd son last month.

It was previously rumoured that the father of her 3rd child was either a Singaporean tycoon or Patrick Tse’s (谢贤) best friend.

Sources: Sinchew Daily, Toggle.

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