If you still remember, last year there was a huge drama between former titleholder of Miss World Malaysia 2016 Tatiana Kumar and former National Director Dato’ Anna Lin.

While the controversy is already in the past, some people still wonder what exactly caused Tatiana to get her crown revoked.

So yesterday, one fan asked the question that many seems to have already forgotten, and the former beauty queen revealed on her Instagram story that it was because she turned down a lingerie shoot.

“Basically what pushed the National Director to remove my title was that I refused to do a shoot in lingerie,” the 20-year-old said on her IG story.

“My contract clearly stated that I must perform in a way that does not ruin the image of the organisation and the country. Malaysia is a Muslim country and I don’t think many people would have liked if their Miss Malaysia was posing in underwear.”


She went on to say that she didn’t feel comfortable doing the shoot even though some people may argue that a bikini and lingerie shoots are basically the same.

“It’s all about what the person is comfortable with and the way an act may or may not affect their image. I chose to not take that risk,” she added.

The French-Malaysian model also commented about her former National Director Dato’ Anna Lin, like how she refused to grant Tatiana permission to access Miss World Malaysia Facebook page and got really upset when Tatiana told her supporters the truth, and this led to the whole Miss World Malaysia drama in 2016.

“One of the categories in the Miss World competition was Social Media. Without access to my page, I was unable to post anything regarding my competition in Washing D.C. The fans got really upset and annoyed with me so I decided to tell them on my personal page that I did not have access to the official page.”

Tatiana also mentioned about how she was bullied during her reign like how Dato’ Anna said “really defamatory things” about her, she was not given a plus one when attending events, she was sexually harassed on multiple occasions, and she did not received her cash prize of RM25,000.

“My runner ups got paid for shoots that I didn’t even get paid for. It’s not all about the money but it just sucked as I had to use my life long savings to pay for everything! I’m broke AF now,” she continued.

Previously, Tatiana said that she will be seeking legal support on the issue but there has been no update about that since then.

Tatiana also said that she may return to the pageant world somewhere in the near future, especially after watching the recent Miss Universe pageant.

“Because of what happened with my time as a queen back in 2016, I knew a 100% that I would never partake in another pageant. I’ve said it hundreds of times but you know what… after watching Miss Universe the other day, I feel like I don’t know if I’m still 100% sure I would never join another pageant. Who knows! I’m only 20. Maybe in a few years time?” Tatiana commented.

*Note: The article is written based on the claims made by Tatiana on her Instagram stories. Hype Malaysia does not own any of the material above.

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