To quote Celebrity Nine, twerking is so 2013, it’s all about cybersex now for Miley Cyrus.

In her recent interview on SiriusXM’s “Howard Stern Show”, the 26-year-old pop star opened up how she keeps her sex life with fiancé Liam Hemsworth alive whenever they are apart.

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That’s what FaceTime’s for – cybersex,” Cyrus told the host Howard Stern. The singer shared that she’s never loved Hemsworth, her “survival partner”, more than she does right now.


Recently, they lost their Malibu home in the devastating California wildfires. While Cyrus was out of town, her beau helped save all of the couple’s animals from the fires. Her menagerie of animals include 7 dogs,4 horses, 2 pigs and 3 cats. “He got a lot of action for saving the animals. He got a lot of action,” Cyrus added. “We had to make sure that he knew I was very thankful.”

Since their work takes them around the world, how do they managed to see one another? “We travel around together, usually we live in Malibu, so right now we live in Nashville and adjusting. And I think the hardest thing for both of us right now is to go back, a lot of people are starting to get back to their homes, people that didn’t lose their homes. But Malibu just isn’t the same for right now, the air quality, the water, ’cause he surfs every day,” Cyrus shared.

The entertainer also shared that the “hardest thing” for her to lose in the fires was her book that contained songs she’s written. Cyrus tends to write lyrics down on paper. Unfortunately, many of them were destroyed in the fires, including her single “Malibu”.

Miley Cyrus
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As aforementioned, Cyrus was away from home during the blaze. Turns out she was filming in South Africa. She hinted that she will be on the upcoming season of Netflix’s dystopian future drama series “Black Mirror”.

Sources: Billboard, E! News.

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