Actress Nora Danish is the latest victim of fake nude photo which has been circulating on social media.

Fans of the 36-year-old actress are shocked to see a photo of Nora Danish in a bathroom with her naked reflection being uploaded on her Instagram Stories.


Though the photo has now been deleted, many fans have managed to screen capture it and spread it on Twitter. Some even decided to charge other users for the photo.

Nora Danish has voiced out on her Instagram, claiming that the photo is fake. “Now what? A naked photo?”

“How can people nowadays are quick to gossip about something that is not even sure or true,” she wrote in one of her Insta story. “I pity my kids. Hope they are strong enough to handle all these people who like to shame others.”

Many of her fans believed that Nora’s account is either hacked, or the photo is from a fake account that has been edited.


Nora Danish is not the only victim of fake nude photos. Other celebrities who have recently faced the same scandal include Aeril Zafrel, Syafiq Kyle, Ameer Forteen and Zul Ariffin.

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