A naked photo of actor Aeril Zafrel has gone viral on social media as well as porn sites last night.

Earlier today, the “Jibril” actor posted an uncensored nude photo of himself, which he claimed was edited and photoshopped to intentionally disgrace him.


“A local reporter gave me the photo which was said to have gone viral last night. It is a despicable attempt of trying to associate me with this superficial shame,” the actor wrote on his now deleted post.

“Wawollahi Watallohi Wabillahi. That is definitely not me. Let Allah punish those who continued this defamation.”

The actor added a funny side note on the post saying that the model in the photo is not even circumsised, which is the reason why he didn’t blur the photo as he wanted to show proof that the photo was photoshopped.

The photo was put up on the actor’s Instagram for an hour and was removed afterwards. Many fans commented that they were surprised that the NSFW photo appear on their Instagram feed.

In less than an hour, the photo had gotten more than 15k likes.

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