Makeup millionaire Aliff Syukri is reaching out to his followers to look for his missing pet cat Dodi, a wild Savannah cat which he purchased for RM30k.

According to the beauty product tycoon, the wild cat went missing yesterday due to the carelessness and irresponsibility of one of his staffs.


“Dear Allah, please save my cat Dodi and let me find him. Attention, my African cat went missing around my house area at the vicinity of Kota Damansara,” he said in his post. “I have called the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Please inform your friends who also lived around the area.”

Most of his followers send comforting words and well-wishes to the beauty entrepreneur, hoping that Aliff Syukri will be reunited with his cat soon. There are also commenters fearing the risk of the cat being kidnapped and sold to a buyer, or the possibility of the cat attacking other residents in the area.

Previously, Aliff Syukri made headlines when his house was reportedly raided by authorities for allegedly abusing his wild pet cat.

Malay Mail reported that the millionaire had kept his cat caged in a toilet temporarily while the cat’s new “house” was being build.

The video which shows the cat living in the toilet has gotten public complaints especially from animal lovers who are concerned about the health of the cat.


Dodi’s new home was done 8 months ago where he lived together with his female partner Bedah.

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