Bad news for partygoers in Kuala Lumpur. Starting next year, all entertainment establishments can no longer operate past 1am.

So this mean that you can no longer use the sayings, “party like there’s no tomorrow”, “party till the break of dawn”, “party till the sun comes up”, “party all night long” or “the night is still young” – because the lights will go out at 1am starting January 2019!


The idea is proposed by Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad at a press conference in the Parliament lobby today. However, exceptions will be given to entertainment outlets  cater to foreign tourists. These outlets with special permissions will be allowed to stay open until 5am.

“We will have to check again on these special permission outlets. We don’t want it to be abused, especially complaints from the public,” he said as reported by NST.

Mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan also said, “Most of these entertainment premises that operate after hours are frequented by locals, not foreigners. Therefore only a select few entertainment outlets that are frequented by tourists would be allowed to operate until 5am.”

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