Malaysia’s king of hip hop music Joe Flizzow recently won himself an award for Best Southeast Asia Act at the prestigious MTV European Music Awards (MTV EMA) in Bilbao, Spain.

Being the 1st Malaysian to receive the honour, Joe said he is very thankful to everyone from Malaysia from every race who have given him non-stop support from the moment he was nominated until after he won the award.


“A lot of my celebrity friends from rappers to athletes, doctors and also my neighbours have been sending me kind words and well wishes. I’m really grateful for all of that and I would like to dedicate this award to all of them,” he said during a recent interview session with the media.

When asked whose wish left a huge impact to him the most, Joe briefly mentioned his former Too Phat partner Malique before moving to say that his mother’s wish meant the most to him.

“Malique texted me. He congratulated me when I won…but for me, it would be my mom’s. It’s not easy being a mother that needed to constantly explain to people what he’s son is doing for a living,” he said.

“It is okay now, but imagine when I was 17. I started rapping since back then and a lot of people are worried about my career choice. But my parents were always very supportive of me, they taught me to be humble and work for your dream. So that’s why I want to dedicate this to my mom,” he added.

Going back to Malique, Joe mentioned that a lot of producers have been attempting to reunite the 2 of them together in one concert numerous times, but alas, all of them turned out fruitless. Some things are just not meant to be?


“A lot of people have been approaching me for that, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Though I’m okay with the idea, I don’t think Malique is up for it,” Joe commented while assuring that there is no bad blood between them. “I still speak to him…It’s a friendship that will never die. He’s like a brother to me,” Joe added.

Moving forward, Joe said that he will be releasing a new single soon, titled “Kuasa” featuring Azlan from The Typewriter. The song is currently in mixing process.

Joe also mentioned about possible collaborations with some of the artists he met at MTV EMA, especially from the ones from France and UK who are also winners of MTV EMA 2018, but nothing is finalised yet.

Most of the international artists he met at MTV EMA include Dua Lipa, Lindsay Lohan, and Terry Crews have expressed their wish of coming to Malaysia. “Terry Crews said he wants to come to Malaysia. Lindsay Lohan too and she said that she has friends from Malaysia.”

Who from the aforementioned would y’all like to see collaborate with our homegrown talent?

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