Looks like singer-actress Ayda Jebat didn’t get the memo on Aliff Syukri’s recent controversy, and has now found herself in the midst of a similar debate.

During the recent Lazada 11.11 mega sale, Ayda Jebat was invited to perform for a special concert. In a backstage video intervew with host-comedian Sherry Alhadad, the “Pencuri Hati” singer has jokingly said that the host has fat legs.


The video certainly doesn’t sit well with the audience at home who described Ayda’s action as rude, insensitive and body-shaming, thus stirring various discussions online.

Many claimed that Ayda apparently did not learn from Aliff Syukri’s recent incident when he publicly called out a woman ugly and spouted racist remarks towards Santesh.


Though we get that Ayda was only joking around with Sherry, perhaps she has taken the joke a bit too far with her honesty – even Sherry was quite stunned by her words.

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