Former member of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit (飞轮海), Aaron Yan (炎亚纶) has had his homosexuality exposed in the worst possible way. His ex-boyfriend referred to as Mr. A has accused Aaron of dating 3 different men at the same time.

In light of this revelation, Aaron has released an official statement to acknowledge his sexual orientation, and he neither admit nor deny to Mr. A’s allegations. But if you think he’s having it bad now, wait until you find out about his tense relationship with his parents.

Source: Liberty Times Net

Apparently, Aaron has always been gay. Even when he was with Fahrenheit. He realised his sexual preference when he was a teenager, but his traditional parents couldn’t accept it. So for 20 years, Aaron has been struggling with his parents in regards to his homosexuality.


Aaron had a brother, but he passed away when Aaron was only 1-year-old. Being the only son in the family, it is only natural that his parents expect their son to get married one day and have a family in the traditional sense. But after learning of his son’s sexual orientation, Aaron’s mother became very controlling of who he was socialising with.

Source: China Times

According to Aaron, he often argued with his parents and they would frequently threatened to kill themselves. “One time, my father wrapped a wire around his neck until he was close to dying. He told me to put on his socks and send him on his way.”

In one argument, Aaron injured his hand after slamming into a wall. Though his injury was reported in the news, Aaron kept the real reason behind the injury to himself at the time. But after struggling for 20 years, Aaron managed to make peace with his parents and their relationship is reportedly better now.

Though Aaron did not confirm nor deny the accusations made by Mr. A, his 2nd ex-boyfriend step up to clear his name, claiming that Aaron did not cheat on A.

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