The “Young Dumb & Broke” hit maker Khalid was in Malaysia last weekend for Urbanscapes 2018, but something happened during his performance.

According to Twitter, one of his Malaysian fans threw a phone during his “Location” performance, and it hit him right in the chest. Ouch!

But The Great Khalid didn’t let the interruption bother him and continued with the show. Although he did admit that the phone hurt his chest.

The video went viral on Twitter and Malaysian fans are ashamed and angry that Khalid experience such incident in Malaysia.


The person who threw the phone is an indie artist named Rufus, who apologised for the incident, claiming that it was an accident.

“My phone got knocked onto the stage and it hit Khalid and one of his dancers. Khalid passed my phone to security backstage,” he explained in one of his Instagram stories.

However, a certain fan has caught the incident from another angle to show that it was definitely not an accident.

With whole issue getting out of hands on Twitter, Khalid decided to explain everything that he saw that night. “Aight I’ma say this shit about the phone and I’m moving on with my life. When I’m on stage, I’m aware and I see everything. So does my team. I grab notes from stage, I read phones on stage. I read hand gestures. Everything.”

“I make it my job to interact with the crowd and have fun with everybody! Because that’s just how I am. Therefore, I know who threw the phone,” he explained.

“I saw it all right before it happened. The phone couldn’t have gone from the middle of the crowd, over groups of people, past the barricade, all the way to the middle of the stage on accident, no way.”

“But when it happened, I kept performing because regardless if I was angry or not, I’m not going to let that affect the mood of the show. I had fun! But I am also, not a dumb ass. it’s not that deep,” Khalid tweeted.

So there you have it! The lesson here, don’t throw hard objects at artist on stage, you can throw them letters, notes, flowers or money, but not things that can hurt them!

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