Being an artist is not easy, no matter what you do or say, you will definitely get criticised – even if it’s a joke.

Janna Nick has sparked another controversy when a photo of her along with another Malaysian actress Eyka Farhana has been criticised.


The photo was shared on Eyka Farhana’s Instagram, showing the 2 actresses in a pose where they almost smooch each other.

Netizens are not pleased by the photo and asked the actress to take down the photo as they believed that it can spark unwanted speculations and give bad image to the 2 stars.

Some even said that the actresses seem to be promoting and encouraging LGBT, however others come to their defend and said that it was only a joke between 2 best friends who are ecstatic to be working with each other once again.

Based on the post, it seems that Janna and Eyka will be working together in a new drama series titled “Bukan Cinta Ku”.

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