Rejoice bubble tea lovers! A brand new franchise is set to debut in Malaysia. It’s called Tiger Sugar.

The new milk tea brand has recently been dubbed as one of the most popular drink in Taipei. It’s apparently also trending in the Philippines. So what is Tiger Sugar about?


Tiger Sugar, which was established in November 2017, got its name from the “tiger stripes” that form when the caramelised syrup mixes with the thick milk tea mixture. Ingredients used include dark brown sugar, boba pearls, red beans, fresh milk cream, and more.

Many of have tasted it have vouched that the, *ahem*, hype surrounding the drink is very real. There have been reports of people queueing up for over an hour just to try the lava lamp-ish milk drink. Bubble tea lovers like the drink of its undiluted taste.

Besides Taiwan and Philippines, the Taiwanese franchise has also opened overseas branches in Hong Kong and Singapore. Are y’all excited to taste this new drink soon?

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar Malaysia is set to debut this coming November.

For more information, check out their Facebook page here.

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