LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) is a serious and sensitive issue in Malaysia. One wrong approach and you can upset either sides of the party.


But many netizens have been applauding the way this Muslim preacher approach the controversial group. Ustaz Ebit Lew, real name Lew Yun Pau, a Chinese Muslim celebrity ustaz from the show “Door to Door Ebit Lew” has recently  approached a group of transgenders for his aforementioned programme.

The ustaz shared a clip of the episode on his Instagram commenting that he is sad to learn the story of one of the transgenders, Elly, whose father had already passed away. The ustaz believes that it is because of Elly’s father’s prayers that the preacher and Elly are able to meet each other.

Many netizens said that they were touched by the ustaz’s gentle and kind approach with the transgender group unlike many other “hardcore” Muslims who uses harsh and foul languages to attack them.

Apart from that, Ustaz Ebit Lew also met up with social media star and entrepreneur Safiey Ilias who is one of the most famous transgenders in Malaysia. The 2 figures talked to each other for 3 whole hours, and Safiey Ilias was seen crying in the videos posted.

Safiey Ilias, who mended her ways back in 2016, finds it hard to maintain her faith. Thus, she returned to her “old ways”. But after meeting Ebit Lieu, Safiey said that she will try her best to get close Allah and return to the right path once again.

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Sebak soalan @safieyillias94 , ustaz kenapa Allah uji saya. Saya rindukan kebaikan dan menangis di jalan Allah. Rindu waktu tu..indahnya jika bertemu Allah masa tu..saya takut mati dalam keadaan murka Allah.. Kata saya padanya..ujian hidup ini kerana Allah sayang. Setiap orang buat silap tapi yang terbaik yang minta ampun. Allah kenal kita lebih dari kita kenal diri kita sendiri.. Tugas kita menyampaikan. Rasa sayang. Malam kita menangis doakan orang Islam yang lain. Siapa kita dakwah. Semoga Allah terima kita semua. Dalam hidayah dan rahmat Allah.. Kita semua tahu halal dan haram. Usaha kita dalam membantu orang lain itulah perintah Allah. Doakan program #transgender #maknyah 3hari 2mlm bulan depan.-ebitlew #jomDaftarKeluargasunnah #29septmber2018 #matradeKL

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Many fans said that they hope that Safiey Ilias will be given Hidayah (light) and repent her ways soon.

“I told her that this is all part of Allah’s test, and Allah only test people that He loves…Our job is to spread love and kindness, so let us all pray for every other Muslims and hopefully Allah will accept us all,” said Ustaz Ebit Lew.

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