Malaysian cosmetic millionaire Nur Sajat has uploaded a post on her Instagram Story, hinting that she is no longer in a relationship with fitness trainer Coach Yin.

The post reads “SINGLE IS BETTER!!! Now I am single”. Shortly after she uploaded the post, curious fans begin to question the businesswoman on her latest Instagram photo, asking whether she has severed her relationship with Coach Yin for good or is this another one of their gimmicks.


Coach Yin also posted a photo which he sticked his tongue out, with the caption, “I don’t care. Do you think I care?” He also included a hashtag which read “When speaking, use your mouth, not your knee.”

Back in March, the couple had also broken up due to a supposedly 3rd party person, but it was then revealed in May that the whole thing was just an act. This time, it is unsure if the duo is trying to pull the same trick, but it has been quite some time since Sajat posted a photo of her together with Coach Yin.

Well, guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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