A month ago, we learned that 11-year-old Malaysian actress Puteri Balqis was suffering from cancer.

But in a recent update, the young actress is shown to have regained her spirit and is getting better everyday.



In one of her Instagram posts, the actress shared that she is delighted to be back on movie set after resting for so long.

Talking to Harian Metro, her mother Norashikin Mohd Aziz commented, “Balqis is longing to go back to the set, that’s her true calling. We didn’t force her, that’s what she wants and we’re okay with her decision.”

“She is still under treatment process, but her condition is getting better. Alhamdullilah that she still has the strength and will to go back to work,” she added.


Earlier in July, Balqis’ mother has confirmed that her daughter has cancer but did not go into further details.

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