11-year-old Malaysian actress Puteri Balqis is currently battling cancer.

The shocking news was confirmed by the actress’ mother Norashikin Mohd Aziz when she shared a photo of the young actress with the caption, “Went for her treatment this evening.Alhamdulillah Puteri is getting better #rockingbalqis #fightcancer”.



The mother refused to reveal details about the cancer when asked by local media. She told Berita Harian, “I am sorry, but for now I don’t wish to be interviewed. Her fever has not subsided. She has problems with her heart and lungs. Nevertheless, she is getting stronger.”

Last May, Norashikin confirmed that her daughter has heart problems which started from continuous fever and frequent vomiting.


Puteri Balqis gained prominence via her drama series “Akulah Balqis”, which landed her 2 Best Actress Awards for Screen Award and Asian Television Award.

She was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the 22nd Asian Television Award for the telefilm “Ana Anak Ibu” where she played a child who is battling cancer.


Source: Berita Harian

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