Cosmetic Millionaire Dato Seri Vida is most known for her whitening product Qu Puteh, so it is understandable that she would use her product on her daughter, Cik B, who is known to have darker skin tone compared to Vida.

In a recent video, Vida showed the result of her daughter’s face after using her compact powder, and Cik B’s reaction to her weirdly fair skin was simply priceless!


After seeing her own face with Vida’s product, Cik B was not amused and requested her mother to make her face darker again, to which Vida replied, “Mama doesn’t have dark powder!”

Netizens are entertained by the interaction between the mother and daughter pair, and praised Cik B for her straightforwardness and desire to be herself. “This is not white, this is grey!” Cik B exclaimed.

Nevertheless, Vida tried her best to convince her daughter that she looks cute and her skin colour looks slightly off due to the camera of her handphone, but Cik B is still not impressed.

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