Malaysian award-winning singer Dr. Soo Wincci (蘇盈之) has finally unveiled the result of her Master project at Berklee Valencia – a special 360 music video which she dedicates to her fans titled “We Are Inwinccible”.

The unique music video was completely shot, composed and produced by the former beauty queen with help from her Inwinccible team, and it is something she made specially to her fans “with zero cost but with endless efforts and heart”.

“Hopefully you all will like it and it’s time for me to go full force with my international entertainment career! I promise I will work harder especially for my beloved country Malaysia!” Soo said in one of her Instagram post.

The EDM-themed song also features traditional instrument like Erhu and piano with rap and backing vocal by Shoom and Carolina respectively.

Soo Wincci is one of the few Malaysian artists to release a 360 music video. Others are Yuna, Bunkface, Joe Flizzow, and De Fam.

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