Former beauty queen, singer, actress and entrepreneur Dr. Soo Wincci has proven that she is indeed a beauty with brain.

The 32-year-old has recently graduated and received her 2nd master degree certificate in Spain yesterday.

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My Second Master Graduation from my dream school @berkleevalenciacampus what's different for this time is that I Am Alone By Myself in Spain but thank you for all the wishes online, I need to go to the graduation hall now =) will post more pics later for u all ! 我的第二个硕士毕业典礼,这次不同的是一个人在西班牙,感谢大家的祝福, 好了要进场了,待会再分享我的毕业照片吧! Konvo Utk Master Ke 2 Wincci drp sekolah idaman Wincci @berkleevalenciacampus , kali ni seorang kat Spain, jutaan penghargaan atas ucapan drp anda semua , Wincci kena pergi ke dewan dah, nanti akan post lebih gambar ! #MasterInMusicProductionTechnology&Innovation #MPTI #Graduation #Inwinccible #InwinccibleMusic #Inwinccible360 #Berklee #BerkleeValencia #Valencia #Spain #Convo

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After she completed her six years of PhD study in business administration from Open University Malaysia (OUM), she was recognised by the Malaysian Book of Records as the 1st Miss World Malaysia to receive a doctorate certificate.

Last year, Soo got the opportunity to further her study as she received an offer from Boston’s renowned music school Berklee College of Music to pursue her second master degree in Music Production, Innovation & Technology at Berklee’s Valencia campus in Spain.

In her Instagram post, the multi-talented beauty also mentioned that she has been working on something special for her Master project – a hybrid of 2D in 360 dimension music video which will be launched globally online on 8th August 2018.

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Finally thank you all Master of Music Production, Technology & Innovation! Also for my Master Project I managed to create a hybrid 2D in 360 Dimension music video which going to launch online worldwide on 08/08/2018 , so count down starts Today guys stay tuned ! 终于得到我的音乐制作与科技硕士了!我的硕士project也成功创造全新的2D 360 度的MV, 会在08/08/2018 全球网路首播!倒数今天开始! Akhirnya, Master ke2 Dlm Muzik Produksi, Teknologi & Innovatif. Projek Master Wincci, Wincci berjaya mencipta sesuatu yg baru iaitu 2D 360 Muzik Video. Ia akan dilancarkan 08/08/2018 ! Nantikanlah ! #Inwincciblemusic #Inwinccible360 #Inwinccible #Berkle #Graduation #MPTI #Spain #Valencia

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Though she has finished her master study, Soo announced that she has been selected as one of the Post Master Fellowship of Berklee’s Valencia Campus, thus she will need to extend for another year for her project.

Other than a PhD and a Master, Soo is also a law degree holder at UK’s University of Reading, and a master degree holder in business administration at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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