At 56, Michelle Yeoh is still a hot commodity in Hollywood. Not only did she portrayed Captain Philippa Georgiou in the 1st season of “Star Trek: Discovery”, but she’s also in the much talked about “Crazy Rich Asians”.

During a recent interview, the Malaysian actress shared about a very uncomfortable incident that happened during shooting. It wasn’t just any man though. It was actually with Kevin Kwan, the author of the 2013 “Crazy Rich Asians” novel, in which the movie is based on.

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In “Crazy Rich Asians”, Yeoh plays the formidable Singaporean-Chinese matriarch and socialite supremo Eleanor Young. Her character becomes appalled when her only son Nick (played by Henry Golding) brings home an American Chinese girl named Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu). What’s interesting is the fact that Rachel has no idea that Nick is super rich.


In making her character relatable, the respected star recalled, “When I Skyped with (director) Jon Chu, I told him that I didn’t intend Eleanor to be the villain because she’s the mother who refuses to accept her son’s choices“.

She added, “We needed to show all the reasons behind that – you’re the heir, the first born, someone groomed to take over an empire, and this empire is not just about wealth, it’s about responsibility. It’s not just about your family. It’s about all the families who work for you.”

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

During a group interview with NextShark, Yeoh also recalled an awkward situation on set. Chu had apparently forgotten to introduce Kwan and Yeoh to each other.

I just remembered this guy standing at the door. We had this scene talking (with Henry) in the bedroom. Then I go, ‘There’s this creepy guy standing at the doorway,’ and I’m going, ‘Do I know him? He’s smiling like he knows me really well, and I feel really bad’,” she shared.

That’s my bad. I probably should’ve introduced you guys. Sorry!” the filmmaker apologised. Kwan joked, “Security! Get this stalker off the set”. Having said that, if there’s another person who can relate to Kwan, it’s fellow cast Awkwafina, who professed to Yeoh, “That was me to you on my first day!”

Michelle Yeoh
Source: NextShark

“Crazy Rich Asians” opens in local cinemas on 22nd August 2018.

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