“A House of Happiness” (一家親親過好年) which is the 1st full-length feature of local Chinese-language radio station 988, has bagged its 1st award in Canada.

The family drama is named Best Cantonese Film at the Maple Leaf Awards under the 6th Vancouver Chinese Film Festival in Canada, which was conducted at the Michael J. Fox Theatre in Burnaby, British Columbia on 21st July.

The movie is one of the four Malaysian films at the competition alongside “Haunted Hotel” (2017), “Show Me Your Love” (2016), and “The Dream Boyz” (2015), and was the only local film to bring home an award at the festival.

“Now, we have to bring the film to more film festivals. We want to travel to more countries to share with more people. We hope to make more films with 988 in future,” Producer Aron Koh told The Star.

Helmed by debutant director JY Teng, the movie stars Hong Kong veteran Richard Ng and Ipoh-born Mimi Chu as the main leads while Louisa Chong, Steve Yap, Lim Ching Miau, Thian Siew Kim, and Ong Tee Chuan are in the supporting roles.

Source: The Star

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