While many Malaysian fans still struggle to purchase JJ Lin’s concert ticket in Kuala Lumpur, a female fan from China has passed away from a car accident after returning from Lin’s concert in Chengdu, China

The woman was reportedly met with an unfortunate hit-and-run accident and was immediately sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but due to heavy blood loss, she couldn’t be saved.

It was reported that the driver of the hit-and-run case has escaped, and after learning about the story, JJ Lin posted on his Weibo account, “I feel so heartbroken. I hope that the perpetrator will be brought to justice immediately.”

Many netizens have expressed their sadness and condolences on JJ Lin’s post, praying and hoping that the girl will find peace in Heaven. “Never thought that her last concert would be JJ Lin’s.  Farewell my sister, there will be no pain in heaven,” one netizen wrote.

Source: Sina Entertainment

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