Oh no! Is Miley Cyrus pulling a Taylor Swift?

The 25-year-old has deleted all of her photos on Instagram, and now her fans AKA Smilers are all freaking out!


It is not clear why the former Disney star pulled such a stunt, but many have theorised that it could be a PR move for either her upcoming music or movie – like what Taylor Swift and Blake Lively did previously.

Nevertheless, it seems more likely that Miley is releasing a new music instead of a movie as MTV has pointed out that producers linked to Miley’s new music such as Mike WiLL Made It, Oren Yoel, and Andrew Wyatt have all blacked out their headers on Twitter.


Similarly, Miley has also blacked out her header on Twitter but her tweets are still intact. Also, her official website is currently down. Plus, Miley recently posted photos of her with producer Andrew Wyatt, so we’re pretty sure that the theory is legit.

The hashtag #MileyIsComing is now trending on Twitter and Smilers can’t wait to see what the singer has in store for them!

Sources: MTV, Narcity / Featured Image: iHeartRadio.

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