Is CL really leaving YG Entertainment?


The former 2NE1 member left an ambiguous comment on Instagram today (Wednesday, 11st July), which implied that she has left the company.

A fan left some positive message on the rapper’s Instagram, which read, “Please don’t leave YG Entertainment. I love you Queen @chaelincl. Blackjack and YG stan always support you. Please keep healthy.” This was followed by a string of emojis.

However, instead of a comforting reply, CL’s comment sent fans into a frenzy. She wrote, “There are a lot more amazing people representing YG now!!! As you see 🙂 I love you guys to the moon and back forever! Thank you guys always for your support!

Rumours of CL leaving the label first surfaced as she liked a comment which asked her to leave YG Entertainment.

Source: rainappeungzb

The “Hello Bitches” singer barely had any releases in the past few years, although she revealed that she has been making new music in recent years.

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