In this time and age, it’s hard to believe there are still people who don’t have or don’t use social media. (Like seriously, even my grandma uses Facebook).

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are like the newspaper for today’s generation as they are the main channels for people especially celebrities to announce something big to their fans, such as new album/single, engagement/marriage, pregnancy, or just some random selfies.


But not everyone enjoy sharing their privacy to the world and not to mention the pressure of social media, cos’ let’s be honest, as a social media star, you are expected to act like a role model, thus, one single mistake from your post can turn your fans into foes.

So it’s not really the kind of attention that everyone would want – except for the Kardashians – which is why, these millennial celebs have avoided the platforms completely.

But it really makes you wonder what these famous celebrties do in their free time if they’re not scrolling through the social media like most of us?

Here are 10 famous celebrities who don’t use social media and their reasons why.

1. Emily Blunt

“Social media has changed the landscape so an encounter with you is valued more as a social-media currency than a genuine interaction…I strongly believe that my job is to persuade you that I am playing somebody else, so exposing too much personally is just something I can’t get on board with.”Vanity Fair, 2018

2. Scarlett Johansson


“Technology is simply not my thing. It has never interested me. In fact, moving over to the iPhone from the Blackberry was a five-year process for me. Maybe that’s because I like tactile things that I can hold in my hand. The more virtual things get, the less I like it. I’m not afraid of technical progress, it’s just not me. I mean, technology can be really helpful, obviously, and some advances are bettering humankind. At what cost, I guess, is the other side of the coin.”Lufthansa Magazine, 2017

3. Benedict Cumberbatch

“I can’t get involved in social media because as they know, it’d be a disaster. I can’t tweet to save my life. I’d go over my character limits and never make any sense. It would just consume me and I find that whole thing ultimately very toxic. I’d much rather spend my energy doing what brought me to their attention in the first place, which is my work.”People, 2016

4. Jennifer Lawrence

“I will never get Twitter. I’m not very good on phone or technology. I cannot really keep up with emails so the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me. I don’t really understand what it is. It’s like this weird enigma that people talk about. It’s fine, I respect that, but no, I’ll never get a Twitter. If you ever see a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that says it’s me, it most certainly is not.”BBC Radio 1, 2014

5. Emma Stone

“It makes me so crazy to look at social media. When you see people like, ‘This is the best life ever! I couldn’t be happier,’ you’re like, ‘Shut up, that is not true.’ Not everything comes together in the best way ever, every day. It just doesn’t. Even when your dream you set out for comes true, it’s not always perfect…. That’s not the reality of life.”ELLE, 2016

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

“I’m a drag and drop kind of guy. I don’t know shortcut commands. I don’t command ‘whatever’ to get the thing. Like, I just take my mouse and drag it over. And my friends are generally embarrassed. They’re like, ‘Control + V pastes it!’ I’m going up to ‘Edit,’ then I’m going to highlight it, and then I’m going to drag it over.’ Everyone’s like [falling asleep]. That’s the kind of guy I am. But I know computers!”Conan, 2017

7. Daisy Ridley


“Life suddenly got a bit different. I’m definitely recognised more, but I find the whole taking pictures thing weird. I’d prefer to have a conversation than someone asking for a picture, but I guess people feel the need to prove they have had the interaction through social media. I don’t do social any more. I came off it last September and I will never get back on. The more I read about teenage anxiety, the more I think it’s highly unhealthy for people’s mental health. It’s such a weird thing for young people to look at distorted images of things they should be.”Radio Times, 2017

8. Daniel Radcliffe

“I don’t have Twitter and I don’t have Facebook, and I think that makes things a lot easier because if you go on Twitter and tell everybody what you’re doing moment to moment and then claim you want a private life, then no one is going to take that request seriously.”Sky News, 2016

9. Mila Kunis

“What I do and who I am are two different things and, to me, it was always really important to keep those things separate. I don’t want people thinking they know me to the point where they feel comfortable coming in my house without being invited. For security reasons, it just wasn’t worth it. I’d rather have my privacy over anything.”The Daily Telegraph, 2016

10. Kristen Stewart

“When you speak to someone on the phone, that is a decipherable, understandable exchange. But with text and social media, it’s essentially a dialogue with yourself and your interpretation of a shadow. It’s not invalid; it’s a new language. But you also become addicted to that hit by yourself and with yourself, every seven minutes or so, and you end up wasting so much time just validating something very superficial in yourself. It has definitely changed us.”V Magazine, 2017

Sources: InStyle, People

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