“Boleh, boleh…Malaysia Boleh!”

Namewee’s new Merdeka song is out and as expected, it is vibrantly colourful, upbeat and inspiring!


Featuring Ning Baizura and Sasi the Don, the song titled as “Malaysia Boleh” combines the elements of World Cup fever and Malaysian patriotism, which works really well as the lively beat truly brings out the patriotic spirit of Malaysia.

The music video was shot in Dataran Merdeka and it presents the beauty of various cultures in Malaysia along with several throwback shots of successful Malaysian heroes, Tunku Abdul Rahman’s iconic “Merdeka” shouts, Malaysia’s major development during Mahathir’s era, as well as the recent win from Pakatan Rakyat at the 14th General Election.

Written and composed by the talented Namewee himself, the song was presented mainly in Malay language with a little bit of English, Chinese and Tamil too.

As revealed by Namewee on his recent Facebook post, the song was written on the night of 9th May during the country’s 2018 general election which becomes a historical event for the nation.

Check out the song and let us know what you think!

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