Three talented Malaysian artistes have come together to create a music masterpiece for the upcoming Independence Day of Malaysia AKA Hari Merdeka.

Singer-songwriter Namewee (35), rapper Sasi the Don (40), and pop diva Ning Baizura (42) are now working on a new song titled “Malaysia Boleh” to celebrate a new Malaysia.

Talking to The Star, Namewee said, “I am very happy to come here and sing with Ning and Sasi. We are proud to celebrate Malaysia’s 61 years of independence.”

Namewee said that the idea came when fans requested the singer to come out with new songs for World Cup 2018 as well as Malaysia’s 61st National Day. So, he decided to combine both of the elements into one.

“I’ve written many different patriotic songs to celebrate Merdeka Day. Some are angsty, while others are touching. This one is on a happier note,” he said.


Shot in Dataran Merdeka, the song will feature four languages – Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin and Tamil, and is set to be released officially on 16th June.

During Malaysia’s 60th Independence Day, Namewee released a patriotic song titled “Ali, Ah Kao, dan Muthu”, featuring Dato David Arumugam and Aniq.

The song generated positive reviews and praises from fans and critics as it ignites the feeling and passion of patriotism in Malaysian.

Source: The Star

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