After the massive success that is “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”, it wouldn’t make sense for Yang Hyunsuk to send BLACKPINK back to the dungeons.

It seems like the YG Entertainment CEO understands this, as he has confirmed that the girl group will indeed be releasing another song this year. They will also participate in overseas tours.

Source: New1

In an interview with Korean media, Yang Hyunsuk talked about the success of BLACKPINK and their growth since debut.


Most importantly, he understands that the 2-year-old girl group is extremely popular outside of Korea.

BLACKPINK is popular not only in Korea, but also popular overseas. Since 3 out of 4 members are fluent in English, that will work as a strength in running promotions overseas in the future. (…) Many foreign labels and producers are paying close to BLACKPINK’s success, we will soon be able to share good news in the near future,” he said.

That’s not all.

We’ll see at least the release of another song, and they will “actively participate in tours overseas”. However, he did not go in details about it.

Source: soompi

Yang Hyunsuk also brought up the comparisons with 2NE1, stating, “Many people compared BLACKPINK with 2NE1, and it was inevitable since their break-up and debut timeline were crossing and each group were consisted of 4 members. But the models are different and each member has different strengths, so the comparisons will soon disappear.

Source: YG Life.

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