It’s finally happening.

After many false alarms, BLACKPINK is finally dropping new music. The girl group’s 2nd mini-album “Square Up” was released today (Friday, 15th June) and features 4 never-before-heard songs.

We can’t say that we love the long-wait for new music, but the new tracks are something worth waiting for.


Aside from the tracks, here’s some other things we loved about their comeback:

1. They will finally be dropping their first physical album.

Source: YG Entertainment

We can’t be serious, right? Unfortunately, we are.

It’s been 2 years since their debut, but the girl group does not have one physical album to their name. To make things worse, they have only released 5 songs so far. Excluding the Japanese versions of course, but that’s basically the same songs, just in a different language.

The release of “Square Up” means they’ve got 4 more songs added to their discography. 9 songs is still a fairly small amount for a 2-year-old group, but at least we’ve got something.

2. The beautiful album artworks.

Not only we’ve got a physical album we can hold on to, we have 2 choices to choose from too!


There’s the black version, which does remind us of a pink tesseract, and a pink version, which looks like a black and pink version of the kueh seri muka. Sorry, that’s just our imagination running wild.

Seriously though, we love how both versions just shout “AESTHETIC” and manages to be so minimalistic yet impressive. We’re not sure which one to get, because black or pink, they’re both equally stunning.

3. The double title track format lives on!

Source: YG Entertainment

With the exception of “As If It’s Your Last”, BLACKPINK has been releasing double title tracks for every comeback since their debut.

“Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” was supposed to be the sole title track, but the overwhelming love for the audio snippet of “Forever Young” changed YG Entertainment’s decision. The feedback was so positive that the company decided to implement the double title track format for this comeback too.

4. How badass they look in the “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” MV.

The girls truly didn’t disappoint.

We’ve got queen Jennie with her diadem and her pet dog; CEO Lisa with her BLACKPINK lightstick and katana; goddess Rosé with her stunning looks and sultry stares; as well as assassin Jisoo with her black umbrella and flowy dress.

Not forgetting the powerful choreography, which totally got us floored.

We’re not sure what happened but we got hit by their “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”.

5. The powerful B-sides.

With “Square Up”, every single track is deserving to be the title track.

We have “Forever Young”, which is as hard-hitting as “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”, with a pretty catchy hook as well. Next up is “Really”, an upbeat song which showcases Lisa’s fast-spitting rap. The real winner is “See U Later”, which starts off slow but evolves into an aggressive track with a beat that will make you dance.

“Square Up” is available for streaming on Spotify and iTunes.

Source: allkpop.

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