A recent trip to Suria KLCC mall has left a bad taste in Datuk Fazley Yaakob’s mouth.

2 days ago, the celebrity chef took to Instagram to share about an incident that happened in KLCC. It all started when his youngest child, 8-month-old Ellie, had pooped in her diapers. When Fazley and his wife Datin Azrene Ahmad approached the nearest toilet, they were refused entry.

Source: Hangat

According to the father-of-4, the woman manager who was on duty refused to allow Azrene and the child into the toilet for fear of contaminating the toilet. The “Premier” toilet requires RM2 per entry but the lady in charged told them to visit the toilet on the 2nd floor. Her reasoning? The toilet there is free and people wouldn’t mind the smell as much.


Shocked by a rude attitude, Fazley and Azrene tried to reason that the baby’s diaper had already broken and this was an emergency. The woman refused to be budged, saying that paying customers are bound to complain if she were to allow the mother and baby inside. “I’m confused. If a baby’s faeces is so disgusting, are you saying those using this “premier” toilet leave it smelling like vanilla and starwberry?” the Malaysian celebrity asked.


Since his post was shared to his 456,000 Instagram followers, it went viral. The management from Suria KLCC personally reached out to Fazley to offer an apology over this inconvenient episode. General Manager Mr Ben Chong even confirmed that KLCC has no such policy on not allowing parents to change their baby’s diapers in the “premier” toilet.

The KLCC management has taken responsibility over this unfortunate encounter and insists that they do not discriminate mother and child under any circumstances. Fazley appears to have accepted their apology, saying that “what’s done is done” and “as far as I’m concern, the case is closed”.


Fazley even joked that he may invite the rude lady staff to his restaurant at Suka Sucre Bistro and treat her with a personal-cooked meal. Maybe it will soften her heart?

Source: Hangat.

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