The youngest daughter of Japan’s famous actor-singer Takuya Kimura, Mitsuki is making her modelling debut under the stage name ‘Koki’.

The 15-year-old will be featured as the July 2018 cover girl for fashion magazine ELLE JAPON, the Japanese edition of Elle magazine.

Source: ELLE Taiwan

Daughter of Japan’s power couple Kimura (45) and Shizuka Kudo (48), Koki is 170cm tall and is said to bear a striking resemblance to her father with certain features from her mother.


This marks Koki’s first public appearance. Her new Instragram account has garnered over 300 thousands followers in only four days.

Source: ELLE Taiwan

Koki attends an international school in Tokyo and is multilingual. Beside Japanese, the young model also speaks English, French and is currently learning Spanish.

Like her older sister, Kokomi Kimura, 17, Koki possesses musical talents and is very well-versed in instruments like the flute and piano.

Source: ELLE Taiwan

She helped her mother co-wrote three songs for her 30th anniversary album “Rin”, and has also written a song for pop idol Mika Nakashima.

Kimura was a former member of popular J-pop group SMAP which also consisted of Masahiro Nakai, Shingo Katori, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Goro Inagaki.

Source: ELLE Taiwan

The group was the most successful boy band in Japanese history and the bestselling band in Asia, often referred to as a “national treasure”  in Japan.

In 31st December 2016, SMAP officially disbanded, ending their 25 years of music career.

Source: Arama Japan.

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