Music works wonders. Just ask this Jay Chou (周杰倫) fan.

Recently, a young Chinese woman from central China miraculously regain conscious from a 4-month coma. The source? It was through the healing powers of music, particularly Jay Chou’s pop songs.


According to a report by Wuhan Evening News via South China Morning Post, a 24-year-old woman suffered a brain dysfunction due to lack of oxygen. As a result, she fell into coma in November 2017. Her condition did not improve much. In fact, it got worse. The woman’s heart reportedly stopped 3 times while kidneys and lungs were severely damaged.


Peng Keling, who was the intensive care unit nurse in charged of the unidentified patient, decided to play songs sung by Jay Chou over the course of 3 months. He even told her jokes and entertainment news in hopes of getting through to her. “I listened to Jay Chou’s songs growing up, so I thought maybe she’d like them, too,” Peng was quoted as saying.

It worked! Just as the song “Rosemary” (taken from the pop star’s 2006 record “Still Fantasy”) was playing sometime in March, the woman regained consciousness.

Not long after opening her eyes, the male nurse on duty went through some standard procedure with the patient such as raising her arms and legs and pointing her fingers. “Doctors all came to her bed while I kept singing the song she liked,” Peng Keling wrote in his diary before adding, “When I asked her how well I sang, she said ‘not bad’ weakly.”

The young woman has since been transferred from intensive care to a general ward. The newspaper report also reveal that Peng Keling is close in age as the woman. It’s safe to assume that the other Jay Chou fan is also in his mid-20s.

Yesterday (Monday, 14th May), the Taiwanese Mando-pop King released a brand new single titled, “If You Don’t Love Me, It’s Fine” (不愛我就拉倒). The music video was directed by the singer himself. The melancholy mid-tempo tune centres on a man dealing with the aftermath of a heartbreak.



Source: IBT.

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