In keeping up with the anticipated Malaysia’s 14th general election tomorrow (Wednesday, 9th May), several Malaysian enterprisers have design a fuss-free way to keep tabs on the latest happenings. The result – GE14MAP.

GE14MAP is essentially an interactive map, containing all 222 parliamentary constituencies, that allows the user a detailed insight into the election results.



Users will be able to track the performance of contesting parties by clicking on the simple and intuitive interface. Upon entering the website, you’ll see a visual representation of the parliamentary election outcomes at regular intervals starting from the evening of 9th May 2018 as the official results are announced.

Instead of browsing through Google or social media numerous times throughout the day, it’s definitely much more convenient to have everything within a medium. This availability is a step up from our country’s political landscape 5 years ago.

Accessible via desktop and mobile browsers, keep tabs on the GE14 through

UPDATE (9th May):

Other alternatives are as follows:

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