It is a war between Chef Wan and Serina Redzuawan versus her ex-husband Gavin Edward O’Luanaigh.

In the midst of their custody battle over their 2 children, the daughter of celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, has slammed Gavin or Salahudin Ghaffar, 41, for defaming her family.

Chef Wan
Source: Beautifulnara

According to NST, Gavin had recently filed a report accusing Serina of defying a court order by allowing her daughter and son to sleep with in the same bedroom as their grandfather. Serina called his accusation “absurd” and expressed that she might risk going to jail because of his “lies”.


Great game plan he’s got – accusing me of defying court order just because I allowed the children to sleep in the same room as my father, their grandpa. They’re still pre-teens, and grandpa’s got no problem with this. How about he himself defying court order and living like a non-Muslim – having a great time with another woman in front of the children, and getting nabbed for khalwat?” the 35-year-old mum wrote.

Source: Instagram

Angered by the British expat businessman’s remarks, Chef Wan also took to Instagram to slam Gavin. “He is trying very hard to stop Serina from getting custody of the children. Now he’s accusing her of allowing them to sleep in my room. Is there such a law? I’m their grandfather for God’s sake, and they’ve always slept in my room. Is he trying to imply that I’m a paedophile? Sick!” the chef said.

Serina and Gavin got married on 1st January 2010, but got divorced on 1st August 2017 after separating for 2 years. Their 2 children are Tristan Tareef, 7, and Isabella Safiyya, 6.

Source: NST.

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