Surgeries are risky operations, and Han Yeseul can testify for that.

The Korean actress underwent surgery for the removal of a lipoma earlier this month, but experienced a medical accident. After making the issue public on social media, the hospital in charge has finally step up to take responsibility and issued an apology.

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On 20th April, Han expressed her frustration by posting a photo proof on her Instagram. It was posted along with the caption, “During surgery for the removal of a lipoma, I experienced a medical accident. Even though it’s been two weeks since the surgery, the hospital has not said anything about compensation, and my heart is sinking as I go for treatment every day. To be honest, I don’t think any form of compensation would be a consolation.”


A lipoma is a fatty lump most often situated between the skin and underlying muscle layer.

After her post, the hospital in charge immediately released an official statement clarifying the situation. They explained that they accidentally left a burn on the skin in the process of removing the lipoma and tried their best to rectify the issue.

The area of the burn is located on her torso below the left armpit. We are providing support in hopes of full restoration through plastic surgery. (…) We are also having discussions on further compensation for when she completes treatment,” they continued.

She then shared another photo of the affected part on 22nd April, which showed that the wound was worsening.

Following this, the hospital issued an official apology.


It reads:

Firstly, we express our apologies once again that this occurred due to a mistake during Han Yeseul’s lipoma surgery, and we confirm again that we will do our best so that the wound heals as quickly as possible. Judging based on the photos that have been recently posted online, it appears that the scar will be able to be minimised through plastic surgery treatments.

Since it appears very severe from the perspective of someone outside of the field, we fully understand that the psychological pain that Han Yeseul would receive would be very large, and we once again deeply apologise for that.

However, a medical professional in the field of plastic surgery has stated that current scarring in the wounded area can be minimised through the use of precise plastic surgery suturing techniques.

We will do our best so that Han Yeseul can receive expert treatment.

We once again apologize for unexpectedly causing harm and concern, and we promise that as a responsible medical institution, we will make every effort.

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We’re glad that the hospital took full responsibility and wish Han Yeseul a speedy recovery.

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