Malaysian actress Raja Ilya became the talk of the town since last year after revealing that she will be working on an upcoming Marvel film.

However, she recently turned down the role, claiming that it clashes with Islamic values as well as her personal beliefs.

After turning down the role, the 32-year-old actress received backlashes from netizens who accused her of cheap publicity stunt.

Talking to the New Straits Times, the actress insists that her offer from Hollywood was true and she did fly to US to sign an acting contract which was arranged by an artiste agency based there.

I don’t foolishly announce something which hasn’t been confirmed. I actually went for an audition and received that Hollywood role,” she said as quoted.

I got the role last year and subsequently went to Hollywood. However, when I read the script I found out that my character had to perform certain acts which would offend Asian sensitivities and contradicted Islamic values,” she added.

Although the actress has turned down the Marvel role, she was optimistic that there will be more opportunities for her in the future.

The fact that I was offered an American film role is a sign that I might get more offers there in future.”


Earlier in March, Raja Ilya got her fans excited after posting several photos of herself in Los Angeles where she visited various places and met many directors, actors and movie producers including Joey MacFarland.

Source: New Straits Times / Featured image: Raja Ilya’s Instagram

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