8 Things You May Have Missed In Taylor Swift’s Delicate Music Video

The old Taylor Swift can come to the phone right now, cause she’s back!

2018’s iHeartRadio Music Awards was special for various reasons. Awards were given out to your favourite artists and music lovers got to enjoy stunning performances. But for Swifties, only one thing mattered and that was Tay Tay’s brand new music video, “Delicate”.

Source: YouTube

Taken from Swift’s latest album, “Reputation“, the world-premiere of “Delicate” debut at the perfect. It was released shortly after the 28-year-old superstar won the award for Female Artist of the Year. The clip starts off with her doing interviews on a red carpet and taking photos with fans.


In the midst of all the chaos, Swift realises that she has become invisible. Taking advantage of her newfound freedom, she throws away her shoes and dance to her heart’s content – around the hotel, in a futuristic subway station, and in the rain. Finally, when she walks into the Golden Gopher bar, she turns visible again.

In true Tay Tay fashion, the “Delicate” visual is filled with a couple of hidden references. The single is believed to be about the beginning stages of her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. Here are 8 hidden references thanks to Pop Sugar:

1. Flashing Lights déjà vu

Remember the “Wildest Dreams” music video when Swift played an actress attending her movie premiere? The scene in “Delicate” where the singer flashes a fake smile at the cameras gave us  some major déjà vu.

2. Snake Ring

The snake rings have taken a life of its own ever since Swift debuted it in her “Look What You Made Me Do” video. In one of the earlier scenes, the pop star is seen wearing the snake ring on her ring finger. Is she hinting at somebody?

3. Shake It Off

When the singer-songwriter realises that no one can see her, she rips off the bottom half of her outfit and starts dancing. The lobby dance number shows Swift serving “Shake It Off” realness with that ballerina pose.


4. Feeling So Gatsby

Things start to look less dull when Swift is seen channeling her inner sassy self. Writer Kelsie Gibson points out that not only does the chic outfit bear a resemblance to her 1989 tour costume, but it could connect to her song, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”. On the track, Swift sings about “feeling so Gatsby for that whole year” while she was still friends with Kanye West.

5. Track 5

Notice the graffiti word “Track 5” against the red colour behind Swift? “Delicate” is the fifth track on “Reputation“.

6. Echoes of Your Footsteps

Here’s another thing to look for in Swift’s music video: hidden lyrics. You can also spot the lyrics “echoes of your footsteps” as the singer is dancing in the rain.

7. More lyrics reference 

In addition to “echoes of your footsteps”, fans also claim that the dancing in the rain scene is Swift bringing the lyrics to “Fearless” to life. Remember the part where she sings, “I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance in a storm in my best dress fearless“?

8. Spot Joe’s Deli

Don’t be distracted by Tay Tay’s impressive split. Zone in on the white signboard to your left – it reads “Joe’s Deli”. Some may think that it’s a shout out to the director for “Delicate”, Joseph Kahn. However, we reckon it’s most likely a nod to her handsome boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Do re-watch the music video again and if see you can spot more hidden references.

Source: Pop Sugar.