Ziana Zain recently called the cops on her husband of 20 years, when he physically abused their 9-year-old boy, Muhammad Ariel.

Ziana’s 53-year-old husband, Armin Zaharin Ahmad Zambri, was charged in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday (Tuesday, 6th March) for allegedly whipping their youngest son that left him with bruises on his body.

Ziana Zain
Source: Instagram

The incident took place at the family’s residence in Denai Alam approximately 4am on 25th February. According to a police report obtained NST, the Malaysian singer and actress filed the report on 27th February before Armin was arrested on 2nd March (last Friday). The re-trial will take place on 4th April.


The accuser is charged under Section 324 of the Penal Code. It carries a maximum 10 years imprisonment or with a fine, or with whipping, or any two of the punishments on conviction. Armin, who is currently unemployed, has pleaded not guilty.

I did not abuse my son. I taught him how to recite (the Quran) and pray, but he did not understand and is imbecilic (bebal). I am responsible for four other children as well as my sick mother,” he reasoned. Are his actions questionable? Why would a parent force their child to study at 4am?

Source: NST

When reached for comment, Ziana responded, “I need space for a while… I leave it to God“, before adding that she hopes fans would understand her predicament.

The pair tied the knot in May 1998. They have four kids together: Muhammad Aiman, 19, Muhammad Ammar, 14, and twins Muhammad Ariel and Siti Nur Kaseh, 9.

Sources: NST (1)(2), Bernama.

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