Guess who got married in Malaysia just before the New Year? It’s American actor Grant Gustin and his half-Kadazan fiancee Andrea Thoma.

The Star reported that “The Flash” star and his beautiful beau recently took part in a customary wedding in Sabah. According to the publication, the joyous occasion took place in Thoma’s family home in Kg Kolopis Penampang on Wednesday (27th December).

Source: Instagram

Although locals recognise Gustin and Thoma, the 27-year-old Hollywood hunk shared that they were respectful of their privacy. “They were very respectful. Most of them would just come up to us requesting for a photo if they saw us. There were not many who would sneak a picture or come rudely up to us,” he was quoted as saying.


During his first visit in the country, Gustin was exposed to the Kadazandusun culture. “I have also been told that the people here can roll their tongues and pronounce rrrrr well,” said Gustin, while demonstrating by rolling his tongue. He also picked up a few Kadazan words such as Kotohuadan (thank you) and Aramaitii (cheers).

The happy couple even found time for a private trip to Gaya Island. Gustin’s photo showed the pair posing for a selfie in-front of some buildings (that were identified to be in Kota Kinabalu). Thoma also shared a spectacular view of the resort they stayed in.

The lovebirds, who got engaged in earlier in April, returned to the United States yesterday (Thursday, 28th December). They are planning their official wedding reception sometime next year. Congrats y’all 😉

UPDATE (29th December 7:20pm)

Contrary to popular belief, Grant Gustin has refute claims of an actual private wedding taking place in Malaysia. The actor and his leading lady did however participated in an intimate ceremony.

You can read his Instagram post here:

Source: MMO, The Star.

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