Most road accidents are usually caused by humans but what if we told you that a particular incident was due to an animal’s butt cheeks…

Not too long ago, a female driver in Guizhou, China stopped suddenly in the middle of the road which resulted in an amusing accident. We’re wondering the same thing too: what monkey business did this lady got herself involved in?

Monkey's Butt


According to the reports by Sin Chew and Sina, the female driver was driving from Wuhan road to Shantou road when the incident took place. Just as she was approaching a cross junction, she proceeded to brake as soon as she saw a “red light”. It didn’t take long before a vehicle from behind slammed into her car.

The driver from the black vehicle got down and asked her, “There’s still some distance before the zebra crossing, why did you brake so suddenly?” The woman was shock to realise that she had mistaken a monkey’s buttocks as the “red light”. In actual fact the traffic light can be spotted a couple of metres ahead.

It is believed that the monkey, that was unintentionally mooning motorists passing by, had escaped from a nearby circus. A circus organiser arrived at the scene moments later and offered to cover the cost of the car damages.

Needless to say, the funny episode drew a small crowd where spectators started taking photos of the aforementioned monkey. We’re glad the monkey didn’t had green paint on its butt; that couldn’t have been worst!

Sources: BBS, Sin Chew, Sina.

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