Deadpool is getting ready to catch ’em all. For reasons we don’t understand, Ryan Reynolds has been cast as the iconic yellow creature, Pikachu, in the upcoming live-action “Pokemon” movie.

The 41-year-old A-lister has signed on to Legendary Entertainment for a starring role in “Detective Pikachu“, as the titular character. The Hollywood Reporter announced that shooting for the Rob Letterman-directed film will begin mid-January in London.

Ryan Reynolds Pikachu
Source: GQ

For the uninitiated, “Detective Pikachu” is a video game that was exclusively released in Japan last year. Unlike the original Pikachu that we all know and love, Detective Pikachu is able to talk in complete sentences – think of it as the Pokemon version of Sherlock Holmes. The Pikachu Reynolds is playing is basically a self-styled investigator who excels at finding things.


Similar to how Andy Serkis portrayed Gollum in “Lord of the Rings”, Reynolds’ Pikachu “is said to be motion capture in nature”. Plus, with Reynolds cast as the lead, we can’t imagine Detective Pikachu being anywhere as sweet as Ash’s Pikachu. The hunky actor has been known for his signature snark, so maybe we’ll see some of that in “Detective Pikachu”.

Curious to know what a Deadpool and Pikachu hybrid would look like? Check this fan art out:

Ryan Reynolds Pikachu
Source: Pinterest

The “Deadpool” star joins Justice Smith (whose character’s father has been kidnapped) and Kathryn Newton (playing a sassy journalist). What do y’all think of Reynolds playing Pikachu? Many seem to think that it should be Danny DeVito.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Kotaku.

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