Home to some of the most successful rides from around the world, Legoland Malaysia hit yet another milestone since recently celebrating its 5th anniversary. Called The Great Lego Race, the theme park officially launched the Lego Virtual Reality (VR) Roller Coaster on Wednesday morning (22nd November).

Previously known as the Project X ride, visitors can now enjoy double the fun thanks to the tech makeover which combines cutting-edge virtual reality technology with roller coaster thrills. Imagine yourself being transport into the Lego toy world and racing with the Lego characters. Here are the top 5 highlights from our experience:

1. The first Lego VR Roller Coaster in the world

Legoland Malaysia
Source: Legoland Malaysia

Uh huh, Legoland Malaysia has the honour of being the first in the world to introduce a Lego VR Roller Coaster. The new adventure brings together a host of different themes, characters, storytelling, and action, then adds a dash of Lego fun. At The Great Lego Race, participants will also be treated to a lively display of their competitor’s pit crew while the race to the finish line is going on.

The duration of the ride is 3 minutes long while the maximum number of passengers is 4. There is also a requirement that those who wish to ride with the VR headset has to be above 6 years old and 120cm. However, you can still get on the roller coaster without the VR headset.

2. The Archway features murals of the main racers

It is expected that the line for The Great Lego Race will be long, especially during weekends and holidays. While you’re in the waiting area, you can kill time by checking out the colourful murals there. They are 5 racers that will be competing in The Great Lego Race. The aforementioned characters are Pirate Captain, Pharaoh, Wizard, Trendsetter, as well as Surfer Girl. The best part? These murals comes with each of its own interesting sound system.

3. Meet the 5 main characters at The Great Lego Race

Legoland Malaysia
Source: Legoland Malaysia
  • Pirate Captain (who steers a dinghy with a turbine-powered sail) – “A real pirate is a merciless, rotten son of sea dog, and that’s exactly what the Pirate Captain aspires to be. He certainly looks the part with his rugged eye-patch, hook-hand and peg-leg.”
  • Pharaoh (rides an ornate canopied bed carried by mummified servants) – “This Pharaoh of ancient Egypt woke up in a museum one day, and he’s been a little confused ever since. He doesn’t know how or why he’s in the modern world, but it’s definitely taking some getting used to!
  • Wizard (drives a dragon-themed hot-rod) – “The wise and kindly Wizard has studied the magical arts for many years, and few are better than he at crafting spells, enchantments and useful elixirs. He knows just the right rhymes for undoing curses, and can cure hexes with a touch of his crystal-tipped staff.”
  • Trendsetter (rides an espresso-fuelled scooter with a sidecar for her tiny dog) – “The Trendsetter has to really think about the trends she’s going to set. If everybody buys her favourite clothes, then there won’t be any left for her, and people know what movie she’s planning to see, the theatre might sell out before she gets there.”
  • Surfer Girl (rides a rocket-powered windsurfing rig) – “As long as the sky is clear and the surf is wild, the Surfer Girl can be found right in the middle of her element, riding the tallest wave she can find and whopping at the top of her lungs the whole way back to the beach.”

4. The real fun begins with the cool VR headset

Legoland Malaysia
Source: Lowyat.net / Legoland

Before you get on the ride, you’ll be given a VR headset (decorated with Lego eyes) powered by the Samsung Gear VR. Make sure that your headset is secure and fit by adjusting the red knob on the back. This is to avoid the headset from sliding down your cheeks when you experience extra force during the sudden drop or when the race car takes a sharp turn. It doesn’t matter that there are 4 passengers per ride because you’re basically a solo racer in your own Lego car.


5. Take home a snapshot of your candid moment

Throughout the turns and drops, a snapshot of your candid moment will be captured. For RM60, you can get a printed version of yourself and your friends enjoying the thrilling ride. Even though The Great Lego Race is catered to the younger generation, adults will also enjoy this new attraction just as much.

Still not convinced? Perhaps this video might change your mind:

For more information, visit Legoland Malaysia’s official website.

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