Are fast food franchises competing to come up with weirder combinations? After previously releasing fried chicken with cheese as well as the spicy chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has recently introduced another creation. It’s the limited edition spicy chocolate chicken named Chochiks.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in Indonesia for now ūüôĀ

KFC Spicy Chocolate Chicken
Source: Eat & Treats

We bet you didn’t see this coming. Chochiks features crispy chicken drizzled with spicy chocolate sauce dressed on top! Diners can either order a la carte with just the chicken, or the set meal that comes together with a drink and french fries or rice. The set meal is priced at Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) 30,445, which is approximately RM9.60.


At first glance, we cant help but feel a little skeptical about this new dish. A quick look on social media revealed an overwhelming response by netizens about the recent menu. ‚ÄúI don‚Äôt like chocolate, can I replace it with matcha?‚ÄĚ asked @ichatrikusumaa on Twitter. ‚ÄúI already tried it and (‚Ķ) I don‚Äôt like it, the chocolate (sauce) is very thick and I couldn‚Äôt taste the spices,‚ÄĚ Instagram user, ellsa97, shared.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Christine Budiarto suggested, ‚ÄúIf it‚Äôs possible, the (chocolate) sauce should be separated from the fried chicken. If it‚Äôs not delicious, the (fried) chicken can still be eaten and I can bring the chocolate sauce home, freeze it and savour it as a snack.‚ÄĚ

KFC Spicy Chocolate Chicken
Source: Instagram

If KFC’s spicy chocolate chicken debuts in Malaysia, would you give it a try?

Sources: The Jakarta Post, Lowyat Forum / Featured image: Eat & Treats.

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